Burying the Hatchet

526508553_78e0c9db36_bBurying the proverbial hatchet or choosing to look at something as water under the bridge sometimes depends upon just how big a deal the circumstance actually was. There is an old saying, “Harden Not Thy Heart,” which to me means that if you feel discord, anger, hate or animosity toward a person, place, thing or event, then the repercussions can be harmful and perhaps even fatal to your health.

Perhaps the most forgiven people in our lives are our very own siblings or relatives.  You know, they are the ones who are closest and can drive home their weapon of choice. Be it a look, a gesture, a lengthy or profound silence, one or more harsh words, or the razor-sharp instrument of their tongue .. while not real, it surely feels as if it could be when it pierces our hearts. Yes words have a way of dealing blows and cutting us to the quick.

Recently I had a huge incident within my close knit tribe and even though I was the injured party and, I had a right to my justifiable indignation and invariably pissed-off emotions, the whole mess left me feeling guilty for feeling anger, hurt and speaking words I would later regret saying.  These are folks I love I argue with myself and I cannot believe they are acting this way and (this time) I was the injured party.  It does me no good to go over and re-hash our conversation or view again in my mind’s eye the whole unpleasant scene.  I find my reaction is what really ends up hurting me the most.

It is true to bury the hatchet, let bygones be bygones and that it is water under the bridge tends to soften the blow and in time the feelings have their own way of recuperating.  The best advice is to make up as quickly as possible for we know not how long we have upon Mother Ship Earth.  Why not be at peace and forgive, which only really means to let it go.


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