Squeals Of Delight

My new backyard is now filled with the shouts of children playing when their teachers let them out of the school building for their much anticipated recess.  There is a torrent of words, laughter and the occasional blare of the teacher’s whistle.  The school children run, run and run.  They let out their pent-up tension gained from sitting under the watchful eyes of their lesson givers.  Outside, they are free to exhaust any anxieties, exercise their restless little bodies and let the wind whip their hair and the cold air kiss their cheeks.

Much different than having a major highway behind the end our our old backyard.  And it’s a delightful change of which I heartilly approve.

My desk is finally assembled.  It’s new home is high up, in the loft.   The whirl of the overhead fan is making the air circulate round and up and down.  It has been fridgid as of late and although heat rises, the fan is making me feel a bit chilled.  Time to pull on the little chain in order to allow the air to warm up again.

My chair with the wheels hasn’t been brought upstairs yet, so I am presently seated upon a metal one which has the capibility to fold.  It’s very handy to take about and provides one a place to have a respite, however it is hard, cold and unforgiving to a shorter person, for the end of the seat just happens to cut off the circulation from the seated person’s legs.  Namely mine.  Time to get up and walk about.  Good to be in the new digs and ready to write everyday.  See you soon.  Love and peace.


6 thoughts on “Squeals Of Delight

  1. have you switched the direction of the fan to draw up instead of push down the stream of air.. that might be all you need to do to be comfy up there… just s thought……glad you are settling in and begining to feel at home….

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage to have even half the energy that children do? Sounds like your new digs are pretty nice.

  3. Yes. Their energy is what helps move the earth round and round. They have tried to bottle NRG and, even though it works, it only lasts for a while. Children’s exuberance is natural and vibrant. They are, thank you. 😀

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