Another Brick In The Wall

I love this song by Pink Floyd.  It’s so … in your face.  The sounds and attitudes of the choral voices immediately make you see their stance.  It is exactly how I feel when there is nothing more to say to someone who has provoked me.  No amount of bad words will do.  The song resonates inside my brain and I cop the same attitude as I mentally flip the offender off.  Sometimes I secretly do this to my adorable husband after he has made me repeat myself for the fourth or fifth time. Exasperation and throwing my hands in the air space surrounding my head doesn’t do it, but this song is perfect.

It’s my favorite day of the week and it is filled to the brim with necessary things I have to do in order to get us out of here and on to the condo.  I like the feel of the new place and I cannot wait to get settled in, so I may begin writing on my iMac desktop computer again.  The laptop has a tiny keyboard and even as I become accustomed to using it, I prefer mine.  Anyway they are much preferred to PC’s.  Apple produces lovely, easy to use products.  They make sense and hardly ever give a moments trouble. Their performance is just like they advertise. 

But I digress.  There is to much unused and forgotten stuff.  As we get rid of, donate, give, sell and pack up, I realize even more how much we do not need 50% of what has been residing here.  Not to mention the dirt of these well placed items which because they were not needed they lay clouded over with settled dust.

Nineteen years ago today exactly, we were getting ready to go to closing and here we are saying good-bye.  There are many memories good and bad, happy and sad here.  It’s been time to move on for a while but it took some convincing of the Mister to think smaller.  Downsize.  Less complications, less overhead.  It is a smart and logical move and we will be very happy in our next place.  Both homes have good vibes about them and the comfortable factor is huge.  

So, hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to work I go and finish up.  I wish my sister were here to share this fun time.  But she went out to the wild wild west, Portland.  She said it’s wonderful there.  She moved away from the winter weather, or so she thought. They have been having snow there for the past three weeks.  I think that is ironic.

Fun Friday is here and please do send me good thoughts as I finish up the drudge work.  Peace out.


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3 responses to “Another Brick In The Wall

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Moving is such an exciting adventure, and a chance to start anew!

  • whypaisley

    i have always taken great pleasure in setting up housekeeping in a new place… now if only i would learn to take any pleasure at all in keeping it clean while i live there!!!!LOL!!!!!

    hope all falls directly into place and you have some time to relax as well this weekend……

  • delaney55

    Good luck with your new space and I agree, half of what we all have we could probably do without. We are such a materialistic society that we forget we don’t need stuff to be happy and content. But unless you are moving it seems to not make an difference in trying to get rid of stuff. I know we don’t consciously make an effort to rid ourselves of clutter and we should.

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