Inner Dwelling Of Excitement

During this transitional phase of my life, I find that there is a real underlying intensity of growing excitement.  Even in the face of reality I forge ahead toward my end goal.  Even after I get to the condo, I am only half-way there.  This is a ways to a means.  In other words, I am taking the necessary steps to get me to my end destination.  

During the next months I will take my readers on my personal journey of daily life and my thinking which has gotten me this far and the paths I choose to take, even though it doesn’t look like the correct one to walk.  I am looking up for my continued good, divinely directed and blessed by all of my dear friends along the way.  I am a prime example of dream it, believe it and become it.  I even stumble along the way, getup, dust myself off and trudge in the new direction.  This is called faith and it does not take a building to have it, it is housed within each of us.  

So if you have trials and tribulations, I encourage you to take time to dream and envision what it is you want to input and get out of this life.  I find when one is generous and willing to work hard the goal line can be whatever you desire.


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