Nothing Marie Antoinette About This Man!

dscn0928As our nation awakes to a new day, here in Washington our new president is not fast asleep, even after all of the big to-do yesterday.  He is already hard at work.  I must say there is a lot I find comforting in this because it has been a long time since we have had a real example of what a US President should be.

This photograph is of a fine specimen of the white house, and is the work of Chef Mark with the help of his pastry students.  It is made from pastiliage and royal icing.   He even used the building plans in order to scale it down to size.

The header photo, which at the moment is an almost completed inaugural cake from 2005.  It was prepared by famous cake maker, Collette Peters, also with the help of our pastry students.  That was one cake I didn’t want to see go out the door.  I didn’t think Number: 43 deserved any.  Besides I really wanted to help eat it.

But the point I am making here is that unlike the French queen our President Obama will never say things like, “Oh … Let them eat cake,” while the country starves and the poor need his help.  This man is sincere and intends to do everything in his power, with the help of the senate, congress and we the everyday people, to get our great country back on track.  Get people back to work and create programs which will work for our citizens.

We can be very proud of this man who has taken up one of the heaviest loads we have ever witnessed.  Let us remember that he did not get us into this, but he is willing to lead us out from it and on to a glorious tomorrow.  I feel inspired whenever I see him and listen to intelligence speaking.  Thank you Mr. President!


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