Here In Washington, DC

94441733_229edfea3a_o1Today is an auspicious day.  It is a day in our history that we experienced together.  Much the same as when the end of WWII was announced.  Today is proof that our constitution and government is something we can believe in again.  Today marks the end of a tyrannical era and we enter into a new era.  One of fixability, encouragement, ethics, dreams and a working, hands-on-president.

We have elected a man who inspires us.  He even inspires those who didn’t vote for him.  While listening to him our hearts swelled with pride for he left no man, woman or child out of his inaugural speech.  Every American matters to him.  His First Lady will be a fine leader for women and his children a shining example to our youngest and most impressionable citizens.  Today we witnessed a profound changing of the guards.  

Today many a tear was shed in relief, pinch-me-on-the-arm belief, a day to remember where together as a nation, we feel that finally the last eight long, long years are going to be put behind us.  We can truly and wholeheartedly feel proud to be Americans again.  We can breath a sigh of relief.

As I look out my window, a bare fifteen minutes from the Capitol, the air seems fresher and the birds are singing. Hope fills the air.  And I’ll end here with this.  As Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover would say, “Welcome Home President Obama and Family … Welcome Home!”


5 thoughts on “Here In Washington, DC

  1. duh… why didn’t it occur to me till i saw this post that you are right there in the middle of all of the mayhem that is this inauguration…. i know i am happy obama won,, a i was definitely not pro McCain….but i am also glad the whole hullabaloo is over and we an see if he is what he presents himself to be…. so sad sometimes in that tghe man himself may have good intentions,, but without the right people in decision making positions,,, everything still goes to hell…

    fingers and toes crossed,, for obama for america and for the world….

  2. Your words, like so many of the words we heard today, are beautiful.

    (By the way, I cried my way through eight Kleenex. I counted.)

  3. I am so glad that the nightmare of Bush is over. Now if we can get the government to back up Obama and let the work that needs to be done get started. Let’s go, America needs to heal and people need work.

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