We All Matter!

This is my response to someone who is troubled.

We all have these days and we have to reach deep down and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. God answers Knee Mail, so try that. For the rest of you, The Universal Mind does the same thing. Prayer is thinking about all of the good things you want in your life, and if you are meditating and quiet, you don’t have room for the bad or negative thoughts. 

Negative thoughts?  Say, “Cancel … Cancel … Cancel!”  Replace it with a good and positive thought. Stand before a mirror and smile. Look into your eyes and tell yourself you matter. You are beautiful and that you love you. Tell yourself, “I love you.” Because love starts within ourselves before we can give it to another.

Peace be with you, know you are not alone and that everyday you can achieve greatness. We are all of us here for a reason and we must recall that our life is a gift.


One thought on “We All Matter!

  1. look at you… going thru all that you are going thru and still trying to help out a friend… you a a gift my friend… and i am just ever so glad i am one of the many that has been blessed with you as my friend…….

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