Banging On Boxes

rv_zazu1One of the finest albums I have ever had the pleasure of listening to repeatedly is Rosie Vela’s, “ZaZu.” One of her songs talks about banging on boxes and it is precisely what I have been up to for the past ten days.  I cannot express just how much her music has meant to me.  I place her right up there with The Beatles and all of the other favorites I have clung to musically.  Having been a professional vocalist and earning my bread and butter performing through the years, I seldom actually purchased the albums of these artists, unless they struck a perfect chord within my being.  I can only describe to you that her songs really move me.

Over the last few days, I have gone through music CD’s and tapes (they’re mostly for show, I barely play them.)  But in the basement in an old, once flood soaked suitcase were albums that at one point in time, I spent my hard earned dollars in procuring.  Many had been destroyed but some were salvageable.  Not certain what I will do with them, but still there are about ten left.  

I have purchased CD’s to replace many of my favorite artists, but out of all of them, ZaZu is my favorite.  I used to say to my Matthew, “What is she saying!”  He sent me an email with the lyrics to her album around 2001 and I must admit to have been singing the wrong words to many of her tunes.  I would look at the lyrics while listening to the CD and think, “Is this what she is really singing?”  Her lyrics are profound, witty, clever, romantic, full of longing … some of the kinds I most enjoy singing, and memorable.

I took her along with me in 2003 to London and listened to her with my headset, whilst I walked the streets from the hotel to the night club.  Her music is the perfect companion.  If you take if from me you will purchase her CD, listen to it repeatedly and the music I promise you, will seep down into your soul.  You might have to do as I did and look up the lyrics because that is half the fun of listening to this great artist.  She is also a model and I do believe the guys from Steely Dan produced this album.  She is a songstress, a raw talent and I really want her to write and release new material.  She is either dating or now married to one of the band members of the group ELO (Electric Light Orchestra.)

She is a friend of mine and a very cherished one at that.  Her haunting songs will touch you, just savor them and you too will find delight.  I most highly recommend the ZaZu album.


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