Freaky Friday!

Aparantly no one told the kitties we were allowed to sleep in a bit later then usual this morning.  It got down to 11º outside last night and I was all snuggled down beneath the mounds of coverlets.  But no.  The alarm clock had been set by automatic person half-asleep on her way to the big bed and after that sounded, the babies were all mew mew, meow meow and jumping to attack any movement I made under the covers.  They wanted to play and kept at it until I roused myself to trek downstairs.

Everyone is fed and now they are sleeping.  Could be that I might get the feather and tickle them a little to see how they like it.  😀


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4 responses to “Freaky Friday!

  • earthtoholly

    Hi T. I know what you mean about being roused too early. Lucy’s got her own built-in alarm clock so between 6 and 7, up it is! And once you’re up there’s no turning back…the day has started.

    So, how you like all this single-digit weather we’re having? Not nearly as bad as a lot of other places, but still cooooold!

  • delaney55

    Yeah, it was really cold here yesterday. High was only 11 and that isn’t a “high” in my book. Had a fire in the fireplace going and all animals were in a warm & cozy induced slumber because of it so I got to take a nap!

  • Theresa111

    Never liked it this cold. 28º is as cold as I tolerate. Lower and it makes me dream of The South Pacific or at least Aruba. But you are right once you’re up, the day is begun. Lucy has you under her cute little paws.

    Always nice when they all want to nap, like now, all with the exception of Cosmo. He keeps wandering around and in-between the ubiquitous boxes, he’s my bad boy and spoilt since I could hold him in the palm of my hand.

  • whypaisley

    today was the first day the feral kitties were allowed oud out of the cabin… i will be anxious to see how they are doing in the morning,, and how many of them actually left the house…

    i got a new puppy last night… you can see my little inga on why paisley… she is in my lap at this moment.. she is such a sweetie………

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