Bear Hugs For Sarah Jessica Parker!

sarah-jessica-parkerThis woman happens to be not only talented but a very bright lady.  I just watched a clip of her on her web site from Larry King Live, recorded on December 17, 2008.  When Mr. King asks her opinion about Caroline Kennedy’s wanting to fill in the emptying Senate Seat for the State of New York, Sarah didn’t miss a beat.  She was articulate and thoughtful, choosing an array of words to make her point, which she conveyed beautifully.  Yes, she does believe Caroline Kennedy would do a fine job.  So do I and perhaps millions of other New Yorkers.  Once a New Yorker … always a New Yorker.  I still want to return and perhaps someday soon I shall.

But getting around to why I might send kudos and hugs to her is that while I was standing in line tonight at my grocery store, I espied one of those gossipy magazines. I was saddened to see that she and her husband might be considering a separation.  Truly I felt for her and her gorgeous little boy.  

It seems as if these people we love to watch as they share their trade are always on display.  While she has been open to the public it still takes away privacy for her and her family.  That must be hard.  Whenever something you planned on doesn’t turn out well, it leaves a deep sadness, especially if there has been a breach of trust.  Perhaps we might send her good thoughts and the courage to do whatever is best for them all.  Just looking at her in this photo, makes one wonder why the fairy tale ending actually does end.  Sometimes even when people stay together, unfortunately the ending has already taken place.  That’s sad too.

This talented and freshly open and vivacious woman has brought her public hours and hours of memorable entertainment, but most importantly is the fact that she really shared herself with us.  She exemplifies what a lady should be and if you look closely, you can see the beautiful spirit shining out to all of the world.  Thank you Sarah and big hugs from me to you.  Whatever you choose, I am certain you will do it with style and much grace.  I can honestly say that you are one of the only actresses who is beautiful inside and outside.  Thanks for being you.  And remember that everything will turn out all right.


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