Walking The Walk

Have you ever had a dream of doing something but deep inside you felt trepidation about whether or not you should go for it?  Did you in fact, try to talk yourself out of doing whatever it took for you to reach your goal?  Even when the odds were stacked high against you, did you falter before continuing to walk toward the ‘end in sight’?

I have always liked the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”  But at a different angle, perhaps standng on the top of a mountain, or flying inside an airplane, the same trees do take on the shape, size and regular appearance of a forest.  When we are in the thick of an ordeal we seem to get caught up in details and can become disoriented and lose sight of the path.

It is normal to question your thought process by either stopping and going back the way you came, which would of course put you back into the beginning position.  Or, you can brush away the branches and leaves in order to see where the path is leading.

Talking the talk is one matter but when you have the courage to believe in your convictions and walk the walk, then by believing and moving forward in your belief, you cannot help but arrive right smack dab in the middle of your dream.  Lovely isn’t it?


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