Decisions – Decisions


Bobby here and I am looking for clues as to how to go about becoming a bit more adventurous.  My Mommy tries to get me to model my Indian Jones Hat, much like Daisy does, but I would rather drag it around and chew on the straps. Technically, it is a little too small for my cute little head.  To say that it sounds like a contradiction is correct. Mommy kisses my cute little head and Daddy ruffles my head and ears and calls me a big headed boy.  I believe they are terms of endearment.  

Today I am going to help Mommy take all of her art pieces and supplies and organize them.  Then we are going to do the same with her culinary books and tools.  We are going to go through the first floor to see what we can donate to people who will want to use them, instead of them sitting around here not getting used.  She said we are downsizing.

Saturday night my Aunt Melody and Cousin Matthew were helping Mommy shred, recycle and take inventory of the office (don’t let her know I told you this but Mommy makes piles of stuff) to decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be shredded.  They did a very good job too.  When the recycle men show up tomorrow we have to be waiting because we have a huge contractor bag full of the squiggly shredded papers, along with a full recycle bin.  After they dump the contents, we will then empty the big gigantic bag into the bin and they can repeat the process.  Recycling helps our earth.

I have a good idea about my special hat.  Since it is too small, I believe I will donate it to someone who can actually wear it.  Make sure you help people and donate unwanted items so they may have a better life.  Plus, do something kind for someone or some animal everyday.  Because a generous heart should never be wasted.  That would be a shame.


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