Day Two














What a sweet baby!  This is Lucy and she lives with my friend Holly.  In fact Holly is her Pet Mommy.  Because I have always wanted a dog, the kitties don’t understand this canine longing, but I will have to wait until I grow up.  Which will be never!  I refuse to grow up.  I might get older but I am still the little girl, teenager, young lady, woman child I have always been.  I just would dearly love to go for a romp with my dog and then lie on the floor next to a roaring fire in the fireplace, with my head resting on my dog’s strong body.  

I have always been a cosy girl with special soft pillows to hold and lay my head upon, soft throws and blankets with which to chase away the chill of night air.  And in my heart, I would love for my husband to read to me while I drift off to dream land.  I know, I’m dreaming but it feels like a cocoon or a safe haven from the rest of the world.  The way I grew up believing the world would be.

So today is day two of my resolution to de-clutter my entire house.  I willingly confess I have seen the error of my ways because I did not do what I had assigned myself today.  I’m way too sleepy to chastise myself but I will have to catch up tomorrow morning, for my sister and nephew, the one in the video and my stories editor, are coming by to visit.  They have graciously agreed to asist me in ruthlessly getting rid of, donating, storing or organizing one or two rooms.  Yes … this is very good of them.  I will feed them dinner and we will drink a beer before we do some recording.  Matthew is working on his new CD and it sounds really fabulous, so far.   This might be his fourth or mayhap his sixth CD thus far.  Truly he has the gift of music.

So while Joe and his group are doing their concert in Virginia Beach, we shall be partying in good style.  Yeah.  Don’t tell anyone that I messed up on day two.  Whoops!  But in my own defense I did bake cream scones and chocolate toll house cookies with lightly toasted pecans and baked a ham.  I wasn’t lazy I just got a little side-tracked.


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4 responses to “Day Two

  • whypaisley

    oh t sheis so adorable!!!! i aml ooking for a rottie puppy,,, must be a puppy as my older rottie is very dominant and will need to know that she is indeed still the queen…. i got two feral cats(boo boo and mandarin, manny for short) last week as you know and i am expecting to get two more sunday….. i am thrilled i love animals and they seem to have a way of keeping me alive………

    happy new year darling!!!!!!

  • Theresa111

    I also am a great lover of animals. It is a very exciting start to the new year for you and them, too. Imagine getting to have YOU for their very own Mommy! Blessing all around Little One.

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Lucy is so cute, I wish I could give her a big kiss. Right on her elegant snout!

  • delaney55

    Lucy is pretty cute and seems quite comfortable. I hope you cleaning goes well. I always dread that type of completely cleaning out a room. It always seems so daunting.

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