Shredding The Past


My 2009 New Year Resolution is to get rid of every bit of clutter that I have amassed over the past nineteen years. I got my start on New Year’s Eve … last night. I began going through the junk mail which I had allowed to pile up for the past year.

My daily routine was going to the mailbox, flipping through and choosing the relevant mail and then placing the remaining papers of unwanted solicitations into a pile. Once the pile grew to the size of a small tree, I promised myself I would go through it, pull the name and address off, in order to shred it and recycle the rest.  However I shifted the pile and started a new one.

The reality was that it took me a whole year to get around to the tedious job. I want to know who thought they needed to send me two hundred credit card offers? They must have mailing machines, I tell you, because back in the day when people had to stuff envelopes, there was barely any junk mail.

I decided to take the bull by the horns, he didn’t like that very much, and dive in. Literally hours later, I phoned my sister to tell her I was actually doing the job. I needed someone to praise me for sitting on my bum until it became numb and taking care of this tremendous, wasted use of our trees.  What they should have done was send me a small tree to plant in my yard. I would have been much happier.

Today I enlisted the reluctant help of one husband. He was surfing the net and watching football. I am heartily tired of football, except for the Super Bowl, I don’t mind that game. I soon had him working at half my speed. Admittedly I had had prior experience, of three hours.  He decided half-way through the final box that he needed sustenance, by way of a bowl of weird looking cereal. I later found out he had drizzled it with my heavy cream. Well, he won’t get any creme brulee tonight … serves him right.

Finally I can report that I have kept my resolution by performing my first big job of clearing out. I have a red marking pen which I shall put to use to write across the unwanted mail: “Refused … Return To Sender!” Perhaps after paying for reverse postage a few times, they might stop sending these unwanted items.

Lastly, for all those people who go through other people’s trash looking to steal another’s identity, a pox on you, I say!  If it weren’t for people like you I wouldn’t have had to go through this. I could have simply thrown the whole item in the recycle bin. I wish everyone would be honest, truthful and trustworthy.

Happy New Year. Tomorrow’s assignment: the studio and my corner of it. Hopefully it will only take me two hours. I always get sidetracked, plus it is where my computer is located. I just might have to take a peek to find out what my social network friends are up to.  The main thing is that I stay on track and walk in faith that every good thing I really want is on it’s way to me, quickly and in peace. Very cool!  Now my reward is getting to watch the movie Netflix sent me last year.  And … I am going to laugh  until I feel satisfied and lighthearted.


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