Portals, Dreams And Scruples

Part Six

I’d made the decision to buy the services of a stranger, to the tune of one-hundred thousand dollars. Here I sat nervously fidgeting in a wooden chair, thinking about what I was setting into motion.

I kept reassuring myself that it was the only way to take care of my half-sister, who seemed to take the greatest delight in tormenting me. I knew she was the one who took my rightful inheritance, our grandmother’s antique brooch.

Delilah had blatantly lied to trick Stan into proposing to her, when all the while she knew I loved him wholeheartedly. She was a skilled seductress and before he knew it, she told him she was carrying his child. Not only had she slept with him, she had driven a deep wedge of deception between Stan and me.

My thoughts were abruptly quieted as a very large, gruff individual made his way through the empty cafe`. Eying me over he continued to draw near and halted just shy of the only occupied table in the place. Mine.

We talked for a while and I paid him a third of the agreed-upon amount. I made him promise she would not suffer. Even though I hated Delilah I was a squeamish young woman and I did not want to think about the outcome of my actions.

Rising we each went our separate way. I would no longer trouble myself over Delilah’s future. She did not belong in mine or Stan’s life for that matter. I practically ran back to the waiting car and waved the driver to stay inside while I jumped in then ordered him to drive me back home.

I saw his eyes in the rear view mirror. Understood that he was speculating as to why I had him take me to a deserted restaurant. I refused to look away and in the end, my unwavering stare won and he looked ahead and the car moved forward.

Stan would be mine and my father’s estate, along with my grandmother’s brooch would stay in the family, but I would be the only one in possession. Those two, mother and Delilah, would have to go.

Leaning back against the cushioned seat, I looked out the limousine window to watch the scenery whizz by.  The hypnotic movement soon had me shutting out the world as we sped toward home.


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