Portals, Dreams And Scruples

Zarka_Baakleen-River, originally uploaded by A. Saleh.

Part Five

Sitting on the Doctor’s examining table the next morning, I ran my hand over the puff of white cotton and adhesive tape, wincing because the nurse who had taken two blood samples, had strapped the tape too tightly against my arm.  I decided to loosen and then reattach it to my arm.  Ah, much better.

I had never fainted before. Last night’s dramatic collapse to the floor was the ultimate way to get Stan’s attention, for he had rushed over, picked me up and laid me on the divan near the ladies lounge. Delilah had recounted the entire scene to me, allowing heavy sarcasm to drip from her every word.   My stomach felt a little queasy and even now I was lightheaded.

Hearing the door open and close, I saw the nurse bringing a pitcher of orange juice. Stopping before me, she poured the golden liquid then offered me the glass, promising it would help me feel restored. It tasted so fresh I drank the entire contents straight away. It worked, I did feel better.

She suggested that I dress, as my examination was now complete.  She thoughtfully mentioned that the good doctor would be phoning me later on in the afternoon. Apparently everything had gone  smoothly and there seemed no real reason for concern. Earlier, I had confided to the doctor that I had gone all day yesterday without any nourishment.  Later on I was to discover that he’d had a slight suspicion that I might be with child. Ridiculous!  Absurd!  Why ever would he believe that, I would ask myself.

My driver transported me back home where I climbed up the stairs, walked to my room and lay down upon my bed, there to rest for the remainder of the day. Lying still, I stared out my bedroom window.  I wondered how it felt to have Stan’s arms holding me, carrying me, touching me. What made it so darned upsetting, was that I didn’t even remember anything other than opening my eyes and seeing everyone standing over me, wearing surprised expressions.

I later discovered that someone had stolen the box from my handbag during the time I was indisposed.  Now I had to search for my grandmother’s brooch all over again.  It was probably Delilah trying to torture me.

Pulling the duvet over me and sinking into the down pillows I exhaled a long sigh.  Leaning my head back I became hypnotized by the pretty reflections moving across my ceiling from the pool and small, man-made waterfall outside.  The sounds spilled forth to lull and relax my mind. I closed my heavy eyelids and listened to the splashing water. All at once, my eyes flew open and realization flashed through my mind.


2 thoughts on “Portals, Dreams And Scruples

  1. i had to wait till i could give this series proper attention…. wow!!! i have been missing all of this for nearly a week!!!

    your prose is sumptuous and the story makes me want to know more,,,,,,

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