Portals, Dreams And Scruples

Part Two

The light was so bright that I had to close my eyes to block the glare. It was too hard to focus so I quickly put on my Ray-Ban sunglasses. When my vision cleared what I saw was a magical place which made every cell in my body sing and rejoice.  In fact my gloomy mood had vanished and I felt a thrill to my core.

What perfectly measured colors high in the ceiling.  At first glance it was much more because of the ways the designs had been intertwined. It was amazing to me that this kaleidoscope of vaulted light gave the entire area an air of ethereal calm.  Like that of softly woven light sprinkled in between featherlight layers of dust particles.

Immediately my clothes were those of a ballerina and I began twirling and spinning around.  As I allowed my arms to arc about my rotating body, the skirts’ material of sheer chiffon melted through the airwaves like butterfly wings. I was consumed by the flames of my youth, and the passions of my heart brought a flush to my cheeks.

I do not think I have ever felt so alive! I ran and jumped, swayed and leapt for the pure joy of the dance. The area through which I moved was enclosed by artistically clever arches and filigree. I wondered who could have imagined any place so wondrous.

Turning for the hundredth time I caught sight of a darkly clad man striding straight toward me. Oh, I could hardly believe my eyes. His broad shoulders filled out his navy jacket and his trousers showed the powerful thighs and his long purposeful gait.

Feeling my knees grow weak I fled toward the door furthest from his approaching form, but I was not fast enough. He walked directly into my path and stopped there. Since I was blocked I took my time leaning my head back to look into his face, which was full of thunder. Black arched brows were drawn together in a scowl and the firm set of his mouth spoke foreboding. All I wanted to do was escape the oncoming storm.

Reaching out his hand he opened it to reveal a Tiffany ring box.  He looked at me expectantly but when I moved my mouth to speak no words came out.  Stan opened the small box, exposing the empty slot where a ring should sit. Empty! What was going on? He continued to search my face as incredulity spread over it and my jaw dropped open. He could see I was not expecting this.

Snapping the ring box closed he turned on his heels and stormed away. I didn’t know what was going on but I had never seen Stan so angry. This was fast becoming a mystery. My half-sister breaking off their engagement, and Stan showing me an empty box. Did he truly believe I had something to do with any of this? What had Delilah in her twisted thinking said to turn Stan against me. Oh she was going to pay for this!

Looking around the beautiful room I began to dance again.  Dancing was what made my world go round.  Another fifteen minutes of this pleasure was what I really needed to clear my head.  Tiring I sat down and removed my ballet shoes holding on to the elation I felt at this moment.

Repeat after me … “Stan will learn the truth, Stan will learn the truth, Stan will learn the truth …”

Opening my eyes I stumbled out of bed to turn off the blaring alarm. Returning to the bed I lay back down to snuggle underneath the covers.


One thought on “Portals, Dreams And Scruples

  1. what an amazing image Theresa..
    and an intriguing story too..
    your abstract is wonderful …great colour and movement and very ‘Christmassy’ 🙂
    ps thanks for the link ..
    I’ll add you to my ‘I follow’ list 🙂

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