Portals, Dreams And Scruples

Big Sur – Portal of the Sun, originally uploaded by PatrickSmithPhotography.

Part One

The other night as I lay sleeping, I dreamed of her again. Tall and slender she slowly walked towards me, in one hand a martini while the other clasped a half-smoked cigarette. As she neared my table I could see the lipstick stain on the filter tip. It was a lighter shade of the dark ruby she had earlier applied to her full lips.

Without waiting for an invitation, she sat down slightly bowing her head.   She then seductively tossed her hair, flashing her perfect white teeth in a mocking sneer. Too late. I now saw my folly and knew that I had been duped once more. She hadn’t brought the box as she had promised.  She had nothing else with her, not even her clutch bag, and it was obvious she could not have hidden anything so square underneath the tight fitting black satin evening gown that she wore.

She extinguished her now finished cigarette and lifting her slender hands she ran them through her vibrant red hair. Her nails were perfectly manicured, she always had time to pamper herself. However, I noticed that her four carat diamond ring was missing. She meant for me to see her bare ring finger … as a testimony that she had finally freed herself from Stan. The man whom I loved.  A man who, once he met her, was unable to look away.

After all the coy tricks to get him to propose marriage, while I had to stand by, silently watching, and hating her all the more because she was my half-sister. I do not know which half we shared, but I could not recognize any resemblance to myself in her character traits.

She was cruel I concluded. Right down to the bottom of her empty heart and then to the tips of her toes. She possessed a sly power to ferret out one’s deepest secrets and then use that information to torment.  Like a Black Widow Spider.

Standing up I spoke scathingly, “You’ll have to dine alone, for I shall not sit with you a moment longer. How could you do that to Stan?” I demanded.  “How could you do this to me?” Hot tears filled my eyes, my heart was pounding and my throat was filling with rage. As I turned to make my escape I heard her triumphant voice drawl, “Oh, I won’t be eating supper alone. Geoffrey is just now arriving. What good timing you have Connie.”

I didn’t even glance up at the tall good looking man as he neared the table. So blinded was I by my broken heart and my smoldering anger at her callous behavior that I stormed off. I strode right through the French doors onto the veranda and down to the beach. When I reached the edge of the sand I hurriedly removed my Italian sandals and, grasping them in my hands, I ran down toward the water’s edge, as though the gates of hell had opened and I was being pursued.  Out here I could no longer hear the sound of the music being played by the orchestra.

The surf was coming in at Big Sur and the crashing waves surged through the Portal of the Sun. I loved this spot but tonight, for me it held no allure nor did it soothe the feelings of betrayal running like quicksilver through my veins. Oh, how I hated her! Tears spilled down my cheeks and blended with the spray from the surf.  I pounded silent punches into the sand.  Their soft thuds removed some of the force raging though me.

Falling to the ground, I cried for a good long time before I suddenly realized that Stan was now free and no longer engaged to Delilah. Our mother had chosen the right name for this evil young woman. At least I might be able to steer him in my direction. I still might have a chance.  Oh no, not right away, but maybe in a few weeks time, he might look past the seductive green-eyed enchantress and finally see the girl who really loved him.

Turning over I opened my tightly shut eyes and woke up.


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One response to “Portals, Dreams And Scruples

  • Melody J Haislip

    I like this, Theresa, and I like the fact that, obviously, there will be more. Connie sounds like she’ll have her hands full with the wicked Delilah! Great name, btw. That’s a beautiful picture, too, and it fits perfectly with the story. I’ll be waiting for the next installment!

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