Lion, originally uploaded by Mandy & Arjan.

Oh what a beautiful face you have, my sweet pussy cat. I have always loved big cats and although I have never touched one before, I have the smallest version of the big cats at home, to pretend that I have caressed the tiger, lion, panther, jaguar and the snow leopard.

They always carry themselves regally, proudly displaying their inheritance of nobility.  They are lithe, graceful, beautiful and very powerful.

This lion’s expression was captured while his ferocious guard was down. I so long to reach out, to run my fingers over his nose. I have a thing for noses and when they are slightly rounded near the tip I find the subject’s face that much more compelling.

Were I able to safely brush this guy, I would also add in some conditioner for his mane. It needs to be shinier. I declare I would love to hug him and lie down to rest, using him as a pillow. I know realistically I will never be able to do this but It doesn’t keep me from wanting to.

I always admired the two lovely men from Las Vegas, Siegfried and Roy. Their dedication to their cats is total and their trust in each other as a family is magical. Roy is still recovering from his stroke and the injury he sustained when his cat tried to take him to safety, while picking Roy up by his neck … the tiger using his teeth. The tiger loves Roy and was only attempting to help.

So, I will offer up good intentions for Siegfried and Roy, plus all of the big cats in the world. These magnificent creatures are the true nobility of the earth.

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