The Hope Of The Season


dazzling-christmas-tree-061223-175057, originally uploaded by hkdigit.

During these times we can always count on our spirits if not our pocketbooks. The wonder of the season takes only a few ornaments and colors to give us the stirrings of good will and cheer.

Un-box your lights and balls and decor and put on your brightest smile. Everything will work out all right. If we all concentrate on this fact and reach out to help someone or something in need, we will feel rich inside. And no one can take this wonder filled feeling from you.

Happy Winter Season to one and all. And for those of us who celebrate religiously and those who don’t … isn’t it time we come together and be children of our world? Love one another.


Daisy is our most favorite kitty princess in the whole universe.  We love you Daisy!


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