Harlequin Mask … Theresa’s Mouse Art


Harlequin Mask by: Theresa H. Hall circa 2000 to 2004

This is one of my favorite creations.  As it happens by combining a series of twists and turns, pulls and fill-ins, I was able to produce this work.  Having always loved the Joker card that is included inside a deck of playing cards I also cast my fascinated gaze on the Queen cards. 

Here I decided to combine my version of the two characters and luckily enough for me, it worked. Inside the curves and lines the female reminds me very much of the middle sister of my family.  Mary, at about the age of seventeen; the set of the mouth, the shape of the face and the look in the eyes.  Yes, this is very special to me.

Perhaps by looking beyond the obvious, that is all that is needed to pique interest … by allowing a fresh perspective to illuminate a regular subject.  While there isn’t anything really regular about my sister Mary, this piece alludes to her inner mystery and her keen sense of knowing.  Capturing this characteristic pose lends a real excitement to my subject and brings me a huge amount of satisfaction.


5 thoughts on “Harlequin Mask … Theresa’s Mouse Art

  1. Guess what? Harley’s middle name is Quinn! Because of his crazy harlequin markings! My computer got attacked by a virus, so I am very sad today. We are reformatting the entire computer and starting from scratch (I’m on a borrowed computer). But I wanted to stop by and let you know how happy and proud I am to wear the fairy princess outfit today. And also to thank you for your lovely blog review.

  2. Daisy, You always set such a perfect example of a kitty who uses good manners. You are so very welcome and truly, I am sorry for your computer woes. I experienced them myself fifteen months ago when my iMac Raspberry died. That is the reason we bought new ones. You look lovely and thank you for visiting. Tell Harley-Quinn toodle pip. 😀

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