More Of My Mouse Art


Sun Dried Tomato by: Theresa H. Hall, circa 2000 to 2004

I have always found the elementary crudeness of this art work of mine rather appealing, if even a bit fanciful.  Somewhere in my lifetime I learned to unleash and set into motion, the artful whimsicality that stimulates my inventive powers, enabling me to offer up my soul to the world.

When I was younger I was loud and boisterous  Now, I am pleased to sit here in my protective shell of self imposed beauty.  Spelled out … it means I have collected things which matter to me.  In turn, these inatitmate objects offer up their beauty to my domain.

As you can see, the sun’s rays resemble stick figure arms, yet they extend themselves generously to caress the giant fruit of the tomato.  Because it is also a vegetable, it will never be considered for a salad as it is too precious.  It draws its bulk from the small river and becomes sweetened by the light of the sun.

Have you ever found certain belongings you possess can bring a peaceful realm to cushion you in a cocoon?  It provides a shelter of safety, just because you see, hear or touch it.  That is the way I feel as I look at this painting.

What would really be spectacular is if we were allowed to see a genie climb out of the top, to grant our dearest wish.  Why not pretend it is so and close your eyes.  Make a wish.  I hope it comes true.


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