Theresa’s Mouse Art

“Tightrope” Artist Theresa H. Hall circa 2000 to 2004

Art is conceptual.  At times it takes an onlooker’s imagination to the limit and sometimes well beyond their scope of what should fit in to their understanding of an object.  It’s all in a persons perspective and a willingness to think outside of the box.

I discovered this playful artistic outlet when exploring my new computer featuring MS Office 2000, in the year 2000.  The owner of the company I worked for back then gave me his permission to use the paint feature on my lunch break, to express myself and to have an outlet from the pressures and stress of the extremely demanding jobs I performed.  I liked the owners very much and I sincerely hope he and his wife are well.

Over the past nineteen months, I have showed variations of my art.  Oil paint on canvas, watercolors on 400 LB compressed paper, acrylic paint on canvass, pastillage (French pastry decor), computer art using my Wacom Intous pad and now my mouse art.  I have my sketches and my sculptures but that will be for another time.

Today’s rendition entitled, “Tightrope,” captures what most of us are doing or are trying not to have to do.  Everyday there is different news on the television letting us know about the bailouts and the auto industry, more job cuts, high prices, banks not wanting to lend, or that we are headed for a recession and today, “We have been in a recession since December 2007.”  Like we didn’t know.

The best advice I have is for us to collectively concentrate on how we want our lives to be and to get busy acting on those thoughts.  Even Oprah is expounding on this and claims she has used vivid visualization for years and years.  She always tries to point us in the right direction and this time we are in complete agreement with the other.

Hold on to your dreams, think big and keep the faith.  Remember to help someone everyday.  This keeps the flow of good coming and going.  Peace to you and I will be sharing more of Theresa’s mouse art soon.


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