World AIDS Day

Bloggers Unite

Twenty five years and millions of souls later, there is still no cure for this deadly and unforgivingly harsh disease.  Today we Bloggers come together united in this cause in bringing our reader’s attention to focus upon those individuals who have died or are infected with AIDS.

No one want to acknowledge the triumph of the awful grip of this disease, which has ravished people all over the globe. The once beautiful and lush continent of Africa is a constant reminder of how the AIDS catastrophe continues to claim its victims.  Millions of children are without parents to raise them and too many have helplessly watched as their parents waste away.  There are those who have been born bearing the weight of AIDS on their innocent shoulders.

AIDS doesn’t care what you look like or if you are rich or poor.  However it usually affects the poor and undernourished at a much higher rate.  AVERT  is a good place to see the charts which explain how the epidemic has spread.  There is good information and guides which they freely share.

NIDA and The Department of Health and Human Services are more places to educate yourself about HIV/AIDS and how you can help.  Please take some time out of your day to visit and get involved.  This disease has touched almost everyone’s life or those of someone we know and love.  Get involved and help be a part of the cure.


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