The Romance Of Our World


Ah Venice! What an incredible reminder that our world needs us to continue seeing the rapturous beauty all around our globe. Being close to our everyday surroundings can close and sometimes clog our minds. We can stop being appreciative.  It can lead us in shutting down our creative forces to feel weighed down by every day existence. Hum drum.

Just look at this outstanding photograph of Venice, Italy.  Dwell on it for a few moments to imagine you are really there.  You can be. It’s easy to experience instantaneous transportation. When we read a thoroughly exciting book, are we not drawn right into the story to become engrossed? It is the creative whimsy of an author or photographer to entice you into absorbing your surroundings, whether it is within a picture or by their written words.

The beauty of of it all is their compelling nature to describe and a writer’s job is to convey their interpretative qualities, by painting a vision with nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

I have been writing since I was eleven years old. My brother Charley, is ninety-three months my senior (7.75 years, for those of you who couldn’t break it down fast enough) and at the age of almost eighteen, he had joined the Army. Our parents were beside themselves since there was an ongoing war and they didn’t want their only son to be involved. Later on he did get stationed overseas, but that is a story he does not speak about.  

They asked me to write a letter to him because he had gone to basic training in the deep south, in Georgia, far away from our close knit family. Wanting to please them I decided to write him a poem. As you can imagine it was quite a juvenile attempt … but it really touched their hearts. I can recall them including the notebook lined paper with my No. 2 penciled lettering, in the envelope with their letter.

A few days later, Charley phoned us and he thanks me for my thoughtful words. I beamed with pride and placed the copy I made in my treasure box. It is filled with girlish trinkets and letters. Recently, I ran across the poem when I was looking for another special item. It made me smile at my rounded handwriting and stilted prose.

The main point I am making is that because there is so much going on every day, in and around us, remember to search out the abundant beauty that is free. Look about you. Notice the person next to you and find something unique and flattering about them. Look in the mirror to find your goodness. Search in books and magazines and the Internet to find different places to enhance your mood.

By lifting your sight to see this beauty you can hold dear the romance of the world.


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