Happy Birthday Jim!

The Perfection Within

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Jim

Happy Birthday To You!

When it comes to remembering very special times in our lives there are some that are cherished more than others.  I have such unique friends and luckily, over the years we have shared so many occasions.  Hours that I would never trade.  Our words of friendship, encouragement, understanding, happiness, gentleness and love has helped form the individuals we have become.  Our influence on the other was like an indelible fingerprint which was absorbed into our personalities.  A persons character is formed in ways such as these.

That summer was filled with music and lit candles.  Basic food groups … hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and mac ‘n cheese were part of our everyday surroundings.  Oh yes, Kool-Aid, too.  Deep philosophical conversations where each of us was expected to voice our opinions, blended with the smell of chlorine, wet bathing suits and summer nights.  It was a time when all of a sudden your words became meaningful and you were no longer considered a child.  A time when you stepped into womanhood to delight in new roads to choose.  This is the time I would never change.

Driving over to Lake Barcroft late at night to sit or lie on the sand talking, until it was time to go home.  I can close my eyes to once again feel the sand on my feet and the grains in-between my toes, so poignant are these memories.

In my mind, in the recesses thereof is a place I like to think of as a treasure chest.  I go there to replay those moments so precious to me or to remember the exact way I felt about times shared or lessons learned.  It is a special private place that no one else can intrude upon and a safe haven for needed escapes.

So today is a celebration for one of my dearest friends to share yet another good time together.  Cheers and Many Happy Returns.


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Jim!

  • whypaisley

    happiest of birthday wishes go out to jim,,, any friend of my theresa is a friend of mine…

    happy thanksgiving and may all of your prayers and wishes come true…….

  • earthtoholly

    Oh my gosh! Lake Barcroft? Next time you visit my site, look up “The Morning Jaunt.” Look familiar? That neighborhood is one of Lucy’s favorite walks!

    B’day greetings to Jim…

    And I love your new look! :o) :o)

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