When Winning Is Everything!

As soon as I saw this photograph, I wondered how someone just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. For one thing is certain, this is not a photo shoot and the subjects are holding a pose. No. Indeed this looks to be the real thing.

I love animals, birds, lizards, frogs and geckos. I happen to have a mad crush on the GEICO Gecko. I know go figure. Understanding the bird is doing what comes naturally I can obviously see the lizards point of view. Whew!

My best hope is that the lizard bit the roof of the birds mouth, thus causing the bird to open it’s beak even wider in order to squawk a loud protest. This gave the little lizard time to leap to freedom.

Even in this I look for the good outcome. I hope my version is the one that was the truth. I cannot help but root for the little guy.


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4 responses to “When Winning Is Everything!

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Oh my, that is an amazing photo! We have birds and lizards just like that where I live. Many times, I can see birds swooping down to eat the lizards all up. Usually it’s crow-like birds that eat the lizards, and the heron-type birds eat fishies.

  • sebastyne

    I have a thing for lizards too, ever since my then boyfriend’s iguana crawled into bed with me and snuggled up against me. That was weird and so cute…. And very unusual for a lizard to do. I broke up with the guy, but got 2 iguanas myself, which I, unfortunately had to give up… But they went into good homes. 🙂

    Brave little guy, it’s hard not to root for the guy that gets eaten…

  • whypaisley

    you just love changing your “room” around don’t cha???? hope i don’t have to get up to pee… i might knock something over in the dark!!!!!!

    forever the optimist.. that is one of the things i love about you!!

  • Theresa111

    Daisy, It is a part of nature, but knowing how much you like to fiddle with the poor lizards, I bet it doesn’t make you squirm at all.
    Sebastyne, I bet that iguana felt rough and maybe a bit smooth. Pretty cool to have an iguana bed mate.
    Paisley, When I was 10 – 13, I shared a bedroom with Mama, my Grandma. I used to change the room around all of the time. Another thing, make sure you can see where you are going, ’cause my Mother fell down in a dark room, over the mini trampoline and broke her wrist. That was in 1984. Plus you should always go ttwawa before you go to bed. No mistakes!

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