Cool Awards And New Friends

lemonadeawardjpegAha!  I did it … I did it!  I got the award to become a .jpeg from a .png .  Haven’t the faintest what this means but I understand enough to get by.

My new friend Holly lives west from me in the Washington Metro area.  We have some things in common and as always it is so wonderful to meet new friends at our premiere social blogging network, .

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded this pretty Lemonade Award.  Although I do not sell lemonade I always enjoy using lemons in drinks and recipes such as; lemon curd or squeezing fresh lemon juice over succulent shrimp or fish dishes.  Lemons are so versatile and tasty.  Their rind can be shaved into a zest or it can be peeled from the lemon to be boiled in with a simple syrup; one part water to one part sugar.  Toss in a few other spices, liquors (rum, grand marnier, whisky) and fruits to this mixture and you have the makings for a delicious combination, which can be dabbed onto layers of cake before icing them.  Savarin is gently boiled in the mixture and once the circle of baked savarin has absorbed the liquid, fresh fruit and creme fraische are adorned.


Yes, lemons can be used in pies, tarts, tortes, puddings, curds, and a whole array of food dishes.  I love the scent, the bright color, the firmness of the fruit and its protective qualities.  If you recall, in the olden days lemons were eaten to help prevent scurvy, while crossing the ocean.  Lemons can also help clean a small wound and be included in our shampoos, soaps, cologne, air fresheners and our household cleaners.  One of my favorites is lemon scented Lysol wipes.

When they grow on the tree, they are actually green and can easily be mistaken for limes.  I also love this fruit.  All of the citruses are so good for us and they include vitamins along with other valuable nutrients.

So to be given the Lemonade Stand Award is such an honor.  I shall pass it along to ten of my favorites:


Daisy The Curly Cat

A Nice Place In The Sun

New York Portraits

Identity Check

Rosehaven Cottage

Twisted Sister

Rock Stories

This Time – This Space

Thrift Shop Romantic

It was hard to only be allowed to choose ten but here are my choices.  If any one felt left out … don’t because there will be more awards to share and I’ll be sure to include your web log site.  Please visit my esteemed colleague blogger friends because they are all talented writers with much to share.  Congratulations!

Thank you Holly for this thoughtful award.  Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!



8 thoughts on “Cool Awards And New Friends

  1. Thanks so much, Theresa! I am truly flattered.
    Your musing about lemons and limes is just right.
    I’ll pass the award along 😉

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend and are warm!

    cheers, k

  2. thank you my friend for thinking of me,, and offering me this position next to you in the vast lemonade stand empire!!!! at least i know if i have a spot next to you,,, it is most likely gourmet lemonade of which i can be especially proud!!!!


  3. Theresa, I love this award! And congratulations to you! I’ve always loved Lemonade stands! When I was in high-school my friends and I used the phrase, “Meet you at the pop-stand” when referring to whatever hang-out spot we had in mind for the week.

    Thank you so much for thinking of me…It’s truly an honor to be among the ten blogs listed…

    You’re the greatest…

    Plus, Sleeping Kitten-Dancing Dog looks fantastic…I really like your lay-out.

    Thank you Theresa,


  4. Annie,
    We used to say, “See you after school.” The most important lesson is that even with this tiny award, it doesn’t take much to touch the hearts of we writers. All of you are such fine people and it is my good fortune to know and care for you all.
    There are so many others that are near and dear to me. Happy Thanksgiving to you because you have touched my heart. Thank you for the compliment on the looks. WordPress offers such an array of templates to choose from. The fact one may tweak them is great. You all are the greatest!

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