Whee … Feel That Breeze!


Ooh … the clouds are covering up my neighborhood and I had planned to show you around.  This side of the star ship, as I like to think of her, is in the good old USA not far from our nations capitol.  A place which is looking better all of the time.

Soon we are going to have the thump of running feet and the delighted laughter of little people dashing around the most known address in all of the world.  Even in the face of challenge things are looking up.  There is hope.

For all of those who have come to know me, you can testify that I only place worthwhile widgets or banners on my web site.  There are a few new ones I installed yesterday.

We have Prayers for Baghdad, where you may visit daily to join in saying uplifting words for the region, the people trying to live there and our troops.  Collective meditation brings about positive results.

The BlogCatalog widgets to take you to my wonderful social blogging community which is brimming over with talented writers, artists, musicians, photographers but most importantly, friends.  There are ongoing community discussions and even a political forum.

The badge about Employee Free Choice Act so workers are allowed to form unions and ask for better pay is one we all can visit in order to get the government to fix some laws.  Together en force we can make them listen.

Lastly is my newest venture.  One which plagues many of Mother Earth’s people.  On December 1, 2008, Bloggers around the globe will unite to broadcast en mass, to write about AIDS.  Twenty-five years later and it’s epidemic proportions has touched someone we all know.

Click the widgets, return to my site, then click another widget.  Get involved.  Join in and write your words so together we become a chorus.  We need your help in keeping our world and her people safer, healthier and happier.

What a great journey we are on … Planet Earth.  You just don’t know what’s next but together we can try to guide us away from a bumpy road.  Steering ahead and until next time dear readers … bon voyage.  I mean … you do realize how fast we are turning and whirling through the universe don’t you?  Whee … feel that breeze!


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