Morality … Through The Roof!

We are constantly bombarded with negativity, gruesomeness and plight of the peoples of the world.  If it isn’t a hurricane, gulf force winds, flooding, tornadoes, mud slides, raging fires, polluted water, tainted foods, volcanoes, earthquakes, social injustice, law breakers, it’s corporations steeling their employees moneys, threats against our nation, neighborhood watches, Amber alerts, the economy … people withholding money, food and medical help from their very own fellow citizens.  What is wrong with us?  I rant because I am sick to death of the hate, greed and jealousy present in today’s world!  ENOUGH!

Everybody stop.  Does your heart tell you to be cruel, dishonest, discourteous, ugly, rude, callous, cynical and mean?  Whatever happened to goodness and mercy and benevolence?  Kindness is something that fills my heart.  I cannot explain it any other way.  But my eyes have seen too much.  My ears have heard the sorrow.  My heart gets broken every time dirty little secrets are exposed and I see the tears of the world.

I wonder how many people or heads of state or rebel leaders can look into any mirror and enjoy what they are actually reflecting?  I just don’t get it.  Civilized behavior is fast on it’s way to being so unpopular as to be listed on endangered species.

As a citizen of the world I demand a change.  Selfish and horrible acts should be magically tattooed to peoples foreheads.  Then every person knows who to avoid.  War crimes are perhaps the most abhorrent.  Sometimes the pain of the ugliness makes me want to give up, thinking that things aren’t going to change.  But either there is change or we will implode.  Think about it.  The next time you think or utter an ugly word, what would you do if your fingernails started turning rancid?  Everyone would know you for your words.  What if every time you stole from someone or a company that you were found out?  What if every time you lied your nose grew an inch?

What about not following the rules on the highway?  I’m sure people don’t begin their day with, “Oh, gee I wonder if I can cause an accident today or maybe even hurt someone?”  People don’t want to be bothered by the rules.  Rules intended to keep us safe.

I want the world to be the place I was taught it could be.  I am weary of all the bad things.  I yearn for the goodness to return, but it won’t unless we take a stand and change ourselves and make others return to the good side of life.

I pray each day, throughout the day but I need help or I might just stop.  Fortunately for me there is that strong enduring light deep down inside me that makes me stand up to face another day.  I would that I had more courage so I cling to the only thing left.  My faith in that loving yourself and your countrymen and women is the right thing to do.

We can no longer sit idly by and watch our planet and her people face these atrocities anymore.  We must change ourselves.  We must look in the mirror … Do you like what you see?  I’m not talking about outward appearance … keep looking.  Search your heart, down to the very essence of your spirit.  Tell me what you see.  To really be worthy of another’s respect, you have to work at it.


3 thoughts on “Morality … Through The Roof!

  1. I wouldn’t say the world is any worse today than it used to be. (Sorry but I am an optimist.) I think that the mere reason for the world to seem so bad is that good news don’t sell. They don’t get even close to the nightly news because… You know why? BECAUSE KINDNESS AND GOOD DEEDS ARE SO COMMON THAT EVERYONE HAS HAD AN EXPERIENCE OF THEM! It is RARE that people get blatantly cheated, abused, attacked and so forth, that it is NEWS. People who are exceptionally good and exceptionally evil make the news. We do hear about people who make massive donations, but do we believe they did it out of the goodness of their hearts or for the publicity? Ah, of course not, they must be just after the spot light! But we tend to believe bad news more than the good news for some reason. A news station that would only report good news would seem untrustworthy. Not very serious. Why would anyone watch? So the news report the bad stuff. Kids getting shot to death at a Finnish school, and we all know who did it, but do we know the names of the people who were there to help? They outnumber the bad guy hundred fold, but do we ever get to hear about them? Of course not. They are not unusual.

  2. I hear you and I feel your distress. I’m looking beyond the dukka (Buddhist word fro suffering, excrement & crap). I’m trying to be a genuine, open and honest compassionate person and I’m hoping that others are doing the same. However, some days what I experience truly grieves me. When this happens I dust myself off and get up and try to be a decent person again. I value your friendship very much and I send you my blessings every day. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff – move towards the light with love in your heart.

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