Pissaladerie, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

When we prepared this dish in school, it was one for which I had no desire to taste. That was a rare situation for me as I usually loved everything we made. The offender was anchovies. I just couldn’t get past them.

I believe it stems from a time when, right out if high school, I worked for some months in Washington, DC at the prestigious Madison Hotel. Back then, I was into the savory side of culinary as I had been cooking from the time my Grandmother sat me on the counter top and told me to stir the pot, when I was three.

Back to the hotel kitchen. We prepared a portion of the breakfast menu in our section and at lunch time, we made sandwiches and such. There were different salads which we prepared; Tossed, Chef and Nicoise. The last one was the one with the anchovies.

That early in the day, the scent of the tiny fishes made me want to gag. Never did try eating one and this brings me round to this dish. As you can tell … there are anchovies. My Chef encouraged me to give it a try but nonetheless I politely refused.

Laminated Dough


This is the French pizza.

1 18″ x 12″ flat puff dough docked and fully baked
Onions cooked and seasoned then drained
spices and herbs
sliced black olives


1) Spread onions onto the baked shell
2) Sprinkle with your choice of herbs and spices
3) Place the anchovies in strategic “X” and dot the crosses and points with olives.

Bake 350º 10 to 15 minutes. Serve hot.

Yields 8 portions.


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