Obama Leads The Way

Altruistic is a word I would use to describe this newly elected president.  Here is a man in our midst who has demonstrated a higher purpose.  It is one which we can all adhere to and follow along to help enjoin in the continued security of our economy and mostly in changing our stubborn attitudes of separatism.  

I understand the reasoning for having two, make that three parties of politicians. However, don’t you think in is time to put aside our differences in order to see the light?  For the immediate future we need to say uplifting words and care about each other, shake hands and speak with one another once more.  When was the last time any of us sat down in a neighbors home for a cup of coffee?  Everyone seems to be in such a rush that we don’t take the time to share these small civilized meetings.

Our president elect is setting prime examples for the world to see.  He encourages us to believe, even in the face of adversity.  He knows that together we stand and divided we fall … as a nation.  

Today I saw a photograph of a dear man who was sitting in a wheel chair.  He had no legs.  He was positioned on a busy sidewalk and I noticed a donation can resting on his lap.  The caption was, “Try having a bad day for the rest of your life.”  Those weren’t the exact words but you get the gist of the meaning.  

We, most of us are facing challenges today and the future looks bleak, the way the news reporters keep harping on and on about the financial woes and failures. Thankfully, in the forefront of the news media is a man who is telling us to be strong, join together, work hard, don’t give up and we will make it.  Together we will make it America.  We have a true leader and he is exactly what our country needs.

Follow Obama because he is an unselfish man with high principles and proves his fellowship by inviting his constituents and former rivals to make a difference in Washington, DC.  Change we need.

I found this after I posted:


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One response to “Obama Leads The Way

  • jeremyaso

    While I do view Obama as a symbol of change and hope, I wouldn’t go as far as to heap high praises on him yet. He still has to prove himself, and we have yet to see his character when he finally achieves power. However I’m optimistic, though still taking everything he says with a pinch of salt. Let’s hope he pulls through!

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