The Crispness Of Autumn

forest floor, Jasper, originally uploaded by Mike O’C.

Halloween and election day is past and now we look forward to Thanksgiving Day, which will lead us into the holidays ahead.

While I celebrate my birthday in the month of August, it is with even more anticipation that I await the day that the trees begin to change color.  I look forward to the smells which delight my nose, you know, the days with a slight nip in the air. There is a decided crispness to the months of this season. Autumn. Even saying it aloud makes me want to dig through my cedar chest to rediscover my sweaters and my boots.

The air seems fresher and the blue of the skies only enhance the turbulent orchestration of the trees which playfully morph before their appreciative audience. I have never found anyone who doesn’t have something positive to say about the beautiful displays of art unfolding during this time of year.  The animals and the birds truly enjoy it also.

As I behold the majesty of these trees announcing the coming of the winter months, I know that deep inside them under the hardened bark of their exteriors, there is teaming life within. New buds forming and the complexities of science calculating the time ahead.

There is abundant beauty in our world and when the leaves fall to the ground and the starkness of winter settles in around us, remember the excitement just underneath the foliage and the promise they hold for our future seasons. There is a great plan which unfolds from day-to-day. Just try not to step on it.


One thought on “The Crispness Of Autumn

  1. It has been many years since I rolled around in piles of fallen leaves. Their attractive lure was all I needed to launch my small body on their beautiful mounds. One day, I landed on something other than their comfort. In light of this, I found it a hurtful and hard lesson to learn. I made certain in future, to first check the pile for any alien objects. This also reminds me about the bits of broken crackly colors imbedded in my sweater, cotton top and slacks. Later there was the lingering earthy scent which clung on my clothes and hair to be witness of my romp in the autumn leaves.

    Footnote: This is the response I left on my friend Holly’s comment section. I wanted it to be on mine as well.

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