Domestic Minx We Miss You!



door to the caldera, originally uploaded by the domestic minx.

While visiting my friend’s photographs today, while I was remembering her and wishing I could speak to her again, I came across this exceptional view of one of her vacations.

This is a place whereby I could sit down and put pen to paper. There is a magnetic force to pull me right inside the camera to descend the stairs and gaze out onto the tranquil sea.

It has been almost a year since I have had word from her and I know her readers and fans feel a lackluster from once being in her presence to the void created by her absence.

We all pray you are safe and well. You are a great writer and such an effervescent personality. You are unique, one of a kind and a master storyteller. One day we will meet again, my friend. One day.


One thought on “Domestic Minx We Miss You!

  1. you are not alone in missing her and wondering always where it is she disappeared to… i miss her so much… there was no one quite like her,, and i do wonder if she is ok…….

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