Oil Companies To Bail Out The US Economy … Read all about it!

Wouldn’t this be a great thing?  If only it were true.  The oil companies aren’t hurting a bit and with their record profits being one of the major reasons our economy is in the toilet, they should be made to pump their profits back into our pockets.

Two years and five months ago, the plan of raising prices on utilities, oil, gasoline and adding yet more mysterious charges to our cable, internet, phone and cell phone bills, has been the main ingredient in bringing our average citizen to their knees.  Being a proud people, we all have done our best to hold our heads up and tread water as quickly as we could.

Now, include the monthly price of having our wonderful troops overseas, a decrease in incomes, a rise in health care and prescriptions, with added difficulty in purchasing our weekly groceries … there you have it.  It didn’t take long and because we are good hard working people, we still hold on.  We cling valiantly to our American dream.  Home, family, education, equality.

Because most of us are raised to believe in our country and to dream big, cultivate and hone our talents, we naturally feel entitled to our freedoms and the normal family life, which is held high by the majority of us.  But what are most of us to do?  The walls seem to want to crumble around us and with the bail outs in favor of the insurance companies, banks and big corporations, where does that leave almost everyone else in America?

What needs to be addressed is why in heaven’s name did things get so out of hand?  Who did not mind the shop?  Why did we go into Iraq if not for oil?  Those responsible should be taken to task.

It all comes back to oil.  So I say to grab the majority of their assets and get our country back on track.  Leave the little people alone and do the right thing.  Take the money back from the greedy corporations.  Limit CEO’s and every other executive’s pay scale.  Stop spending money as if it were champagne.  Take boxed lunches and no more perks.  The party is over.

Save our country … Because she is the United States of America and we love our country.  We want her back.  I am counting the days until our newly elected president takes the oath of his office.  This is one of the truths which is keeping our hope alive.  Obama and Biden will bring the change we so desperately need.


About Theresa H Hall

As a professional vocalist. licensed broadcaster, artist, published poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, critic, animal lover and budding pastr View all posts by Theresa H Hall

2 responses to “Oil Companies To Bail Out The US Economy … Read all about it!

  • earthtoholly

    I, too, can’t wait until Bush is outta there and Obama takes the reigns. I believe he’ll really bring change, good change.

    On a lighter note, your header looks like a rolled fondant and sugar…is it the White House??? Did you make that?

  • Theresa111

    Actually, it is a White House Cake and it was baked, structured, iced and decorated with buttercream, royal icing and pastillage,`at my French culinary school. The great Collette Peters was the artist who worked with we pastry art students, for one of the 2005 inaugural party. It was incredible. There were blueprints in tiny scale and hours of intricate patience went into this beauty.

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