President Bush Go Sit In The Corner!

This is what he is up to and what he really needs to do between now and January 20, 2009 is NOTHING!

Just when the world breathed a sigh of relief, here comes more damaging information that makes us take up the pen and get the word out.  He wants to do more damage before he leaves office.  I ask you, why is he allowed to approve any bills or laws when he only has a 27% approval rating?

Somebody in the congress or senate needs to stop this because what he intends will only place our country at more risk and take a very long time to undo!  It makes me feel rather ill.  Just when I felt the rays of hope in our president elect, surrounding us with a protective blanket, more bad news stares us in the face.

It is as if Bush is saying, “In your face … pal!”  while wearing a smug expression very much like Nero wore.  Remember?  He was the one who fiddled while Rome burned.

Please visit MSNBC read what he has in store for We The People!


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