Frivolity Pauses To Take A Stand

The foremost example of today’s youth taking a stand was crystal clear by the turnout at the polls, in the election.  The answer of course is the internet, that fount of powerful information, intervention and gathering hubs, conveying attitudes whilst giving immediate access to anyone wanting to put their finger on the pulse of the heartbeat of America.  The fact that there are places to gather and hear other concerned citizens ideas, musings, convictions and news is what got millions to tune in and actually feel they are a part of making the all needed change.  But now that history is made and we have a new direction, how many of us are willing to make that up the mountain climb?

We are all witness of how television, radio, magazine, movie, tabloid, advertisement, music, and news media bombard our country hourly.  The shock element has been played so many times that even the elderly are given to simply shaking their heads.  Oh, how the world has changed.  But that might be the problem in a nutshell.  We as a nation have cloaked ourselves with frivolous and inane motives for living a fuller life.

The reins of common sense have been donned in our choice of president and the time for getting serious about our near future is now.  He will make an incredible leader and even though he is given to a penchant of good humor, underneath the smile the gloves come off and the no-nonsense attitude arises for the world to see.  Time to put aside all of the frivolous things, tighten our belts and pay close attention.

We chose this leader and what we not must do is follow his lead, be compliant and work together.  I give you an example:  Many of our college students work hard in school and many do not.  Many believe it is a place to meet new friends, just get by and party til they puke.  Not kidding.  Then there is the drug use.  I can see why they might want to indulge for the sake of escapism from the last eight years, but the time to put away the bad habits is here.  Today.  The ones who felt there was no hope for tomorrow and existed day to day in their ruts of mediocrity, drug induced happiness or drinking until there was no remorse for their actions … time’s up.  Those days need to be gone … behind us.

Complaints about how much college costs by those who are not there to learn sometimes equates to, “How great was that party last night!”  Stop wasting the professors and serious students time.  Sober up and hit the books.  Time to get serious.  But this is only one example.

These young people have great power in their vote and in their opinions but they need to take up the load, which is heavy and help pull this nation together.  The reins of our nations freedom is in their hands and even though it is right to don the face of seriousness, it doesn’t mean we must do so with a worried expression.  How many people around the world have been watching?  How many would love to call America their home?  The number is staggering!

The future is the youth and now that they have joined in and helped elect a fine president, the time to really step up is now.  Let go of the frivolity that you feel is your right of passage into adulthood.  Get serious because our future depends upon it.  Yours and mine.

The time has come for responsible broadcasting, reporting, writers to embellish things which matter, not what color some star’s hair is or who they are dating.  Stop the violence, abuse, visual effects and write and promote goodness, solutions and a positive depiction of modesty in the photographs they take or commercials they shoot, especially the music videos.  The party of vulgar has run its course and the time to follow our new president is here.  You showed us the other day that frivolity paused and you took a stand, but our future has only begun.


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