Words Create Actions

I have an assignment for my readers.  Find your dictionaries and look up ten words which convey a positive meaning.  Read the description of the words and then write a sentence for each of them.

During the following ten days, each of us is to use one of the words in our dealings with another person.  The thought process is to be sincere and offer the word of the day in a way that evokes a smile, delight or laughter.

There was a saying I heard once that made a lot of sense.  “Keep your words soft and sweet just in case you may have to eat them.”  Eating your words. In todays world everyone is quick to spew words to or about another which sometimes have a toxic effect.  It is time for the cynicism to stop and for us to think before we utter the first thing our of our mouths.  I include myself in this for I have found I have a sharp tongue sometimes, but mostly it is when I have been disgusted with another’s actions.

Just remember that the kind words you speak to someone might very well be the only good thing they hear all day long.  We must return to kindness and in many cases practice speaking to our neighbors.  Used to be that everyone on the block knew everybody and doors weren’t even locked.  We are a long way from there but we can start with ourselves.  

So grab the dictionary and choose your words carefully.  You never know the impact you might have on someone’s day.  Make it filled with goodness and perhaps they, in turn, will consider their words with the next conversation they have.


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