Act of Civility

“Civility is the art of treating others with respect and dignity. We should practice this everyday & bring immediate change around us. Yes!”

Quote by Theresa H. Hall


4 thoughts on “Act of Civility

  1. change is something that no man can accomplish if he is left alone in the wake of his inauguration… i think it would be a nice thing to start posting these inspirations daily,, not just you but many of us… after all,, if we are unwilling to change,, no amount of joy can make up that difference….

  2. Little One, You are on the same wave length as I. Only today I was discussing this very thing with Joe and saying we need to trigger people into daily actions that can afford them and those they touch throughout the day in positive and good ways. Together we need to share the load and lift our people up and as a nation; we will turn matters around.

  3. Daisy, You are so fortunate to understand this. We all lead by our examples. Whether they are good one or bad ones. The time has come for all of us to set good examples and build the awareness so others will catch on and pass the word along.

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