Mission Accomplished!


Well I really tried to stay awake but I conceded at 4:20 AM.  Setting the clock for 5 AM, knowing full well that I would not get up then, I tried to adjust my tired body until 4:50 AM.  Sleep overtook my racing thoughts and then the rude alarm clock began shouting.  I asked Joe to set it for 5:20 AM and he did.  He crawled back into bed because he had only slept for about two hours.  

We made it to the voting district by 7 AM and we were finished by 10 AM.  The lines were really long and snaked around the halls of the little elementary school.  We got to see neighbors and viewed the artwork that the different grade schoolers had put on display for us.  I especially appreciated their hard work.

To say that I am relieved to have put my constitutional right to vote into action is mild.  I am so excited to have cast my vote for Senators Obama and Biden.  Now all we have to do is keep this momentum going, watch the returns and ride the wave.  I am certain my candidates will win.  I can feel it and this is bringing about a peace that hasn’t been apparent for eight very long years.

As soon as the new President and Vice-President are sworn in, we must be resolute in joining together, rolling up our sleeves and cooperating to move our nation forward into harmony, healing, healthcare and happiness.  Let’s call it the four H’s.  There’s more but I shall save that for another day.

If you haven’t voted today and you are qualified then go vote.  Right away.  Take some neighbors with you. It is that important.  Because if you choose not to vote you might as well put tape over your mouth so we won’t hear any complaints.

We have good leaders.  We need to be good listeners and followers.  We need to become involved with our government.  We are fortunate to have this team that knows the laws, will uphold our constitution and care about us for a change.


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