Lady Liberty Smiles As The World Watches



Lady Liberty Smiles, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Although I am 250 miles away from this landmark, I used to gaze at her countenance from my first and second grade window. All day long she was the reminder of how great our nation’s promise could mean to all her people.

Today is election day and I am unable to sleep. The polling booths will open in Maryland in five hours. It seems as if the past eight years have been a prison sentence for we the people, not to mention the rest of the world that watched the actions of the imploding spirits of our citizens, reputation and the all American dream.

Today millions of Americans choose to cast their vote for change and I am hopeful of seeing Lady Liberty smiling again.   I wish I were able to see her everyday because she is so poignantly beautiful. Her patina enhanced with her years. She is the established beauty of our hopes and a beacon of light to so many around the world.

I am saddened by the news of Senator Obama’s great loss. His Grandmother was to him like the Statue of Liberty is to us. She let him dream and in doing so, encouraged him to become educated, believe in himself and succeed. Many blessings to him and his family for their loss yesterday.

As many Americans go forward to cast their ballots, I pray for an honest day of tallying our votes and feel certain that Senators Obama and Biden will win this election. We need change and we shall be rewarded.

Change in leadership but we must be prepared to change and work for our great nation. Do not expect our new leaders to do it on their own. They lead, then we get motivated and follow. This is the precise opportunity our people need to repair, heal and move forward. Lady Liberty can smile again but remember … the world is watching. The world is watching.


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