ARRR … Get Off Your Arses And Vote!


 Election ’08 announcement, originally uploaded by Olive Talique.

Just say, “NO!” Enough is enough and we don’t want same old same old. We want a new direction with a fresh president who, just as we do, longs to see The United States of America and her citizens get back on the road to honor, prosperity, morality, pride, security, rewarded efforts, honesty in government, trust and love for our country.

I have always believed in our country and her people, but over the last thirty years, we have gotten off track, slowly but surely the greedy hand that dipped into the treasure troves of our small middle class pockets and exploited the poor, have boldly come forward to pillage as they please.

I even heard on the radio the other day that some of the bailout funds given to the banks have gone toward $650,000.00 BONUSES to some of the employees. ENOUGH!

Most of us are sick and tired of the lies and the bad politics and the greed, which seems to have been the norm over the past seven years. Who’s to blame? Well we know most of them will be leaving office in about 100 days. But when we look in the mirror, aren’t we just a little bit to blame too?

Why were we so paralyzed and complacent in letting them walk over our constitutional rights, even allow some of them to almost be taken away? For the majority of the time we allowed our leaders to hoodwink and rob us.

Tomorrow is D-Day and it is time to get off the couch to stand in line and vote for what could be our real last chance to help get our wonderful country get back on track. Work together, care about one another again and move forward into a brighter future. Vote like your future depends on it. Because it does.


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