Morning Coffee and Memories

halloween-candiesLike getting your hand caught in the cookie jar, I am enjoying my French Roasted cup of Jo along with teens y tiny Kit Kat chocolate bars. I have already enjoyed three portions and I can feel that urge for yet, just one more.

Last night we had a great Halloween turn out. I was going to take photographs but decided not to do this. That’s Okay because I can see them in my mind’s eye.

My very last Treater(s), for no one played tricks, were a set of adorable twin girls. As I followed them out to their family SUV to award candies to their smiling parents, their Father laughingly said, “We bring them to your house every year!” That made me feel wonderful because the girls looked to be about twelve years old.

Not only was I fortunate to have my house lit up, lights blazing, whilst the majority of the other homes were dark and unwelcoming, I was made to feel as if their parade was intended mostly for me. The costumes this year were superb and even many of the parents were in the mood to once more, let their inner child shine forth.

When I heard the louder than normal insistent knock on my front door, I would raise my voice and call, “Who’s there?”, knowing full well there were anxious and excited revelers of the holiday just on the other side. Their excited cries of, “Trick or Treat,” rang out and after taking a precautionary peek out the peep hole, to assure myself of their forthrightness I stepped outside with my magic bowl of treats.

This year I was smarter than usual. Instead of spending upwards of $65.00 for this celebratory distribution, I only paid out $22.00. I shopped at the Dollar Tree and was surprised to find it well stocked with fresh candy and a wide variety to choose from.

As the children espied the bowl of assorted sweets, their faces lit up even more, their eyes widening with expectancy. They presented their bags but I made them wait so I could focus on each child. I asked them what they were and they proudly exclaimed the obvious characters. Oh, what fun! My heart felt so full.

There were a few shy characters but as I dropped their prizes into the candy bank, I was rewarded with good manners, politely murmured thank you’s and sweet smiles. The hope for tomorrow was glowing on their innocent faces. May their blessings be many.  As a concerned citizen I exuberantly reminded every adult to vote on Tuesday.  Everyone happily shouted that they would and seemed very motivated about performing this right.

This is a thank you for all of my Halloween characters, who are now most likely sorting through their bounty. Hopefully I have set a good example about sharing your wealth, for it is in giving that we are made to feel rich.


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3 responses to “Morning Coffee and Memories

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    How wonderful! I am a little bit sad, because we only got 4 kids at our house, and only 3 of them were even dressed up. One of the little girls said, in a small voice, “Kit-Kats are my favorite.” So, we picked through the candy and gave her a whole handful of just Kit-Kats.

  • Theresa111

    That is so sweet. Perhaps she was saying that kitty cats were her favorite, meaning you, Daisy. You are our favorite and we love you every single day!!!

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    You are so sweet, I am blushing! This was Harley’s first Halloween, and when the doorbell rang, he would run up to the front door with his tail held high and an excited look on his face.

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