Presidential Temperament?

Please visit Go Left TV search the videos for the one titled “McCain’s Rage Is A Security Threat,” and view it.  I was more shocked by this than I was surprised.  For a while now, I have felt the underlying anger that is just under the surface of his smile, but I would not have thought it was on display for others to witness, over the years.  The video is worth ten thousand words.


3 thoughts on “Presidential Temperament?

  1. In my current location I can’t watch, but I have seen videos of an angry McCain. He’s quite well known for it, though he appears to have cooled it lately. Maybe old age mellows just a bit?

  2. If anyone was ever a pawn, I think poor Mr. McCain is it. Perhaps that is the reason just underneath civility, the pot is about to boil? May God bless him because I think he has been made to bear too much pain, too much regret. His family love him very much. That is quite easy to see.

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