Pastry Art … Edible Art!

Vacherin with Assorted Sorbets, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Dessert like any other course of the meal should be the icing on the cake. the piece de resistance` and most importantly, a memorable experience. I once was told that dessert is the portion of your bill where all of the profits are made. And with the cost of ingredients today, well believe me when I tell you that they are expensive.

When something is scrumptious, melt in your mouth, eyes rolling upwards in appreciation and satisfying, then it has worked its magic. French desserts are special in that the majority of them take many steps in order to produce the workmanship that is presented to the diner.

A Vacherin is an edible container. It’s components are disks and rings of baked until dried meringue, and iced with butter cream or whipped cream. It’s like a beautiful gift basket and all the chef needs to do is fill it with say, a chocolate mousse, ice cream, macaroons, candy or anything that would be appealing. In this instance, assorted scoops of sorbets are peeping out from beneath the top.

My chef worked his charms and talents on this masterpiece. Pastry is an art and the part I like the most is that it is edible art.


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