Cast Your Precious Vote November 4, 2008!


People need to vote for the candidate they feel will really lead us in the right direction. This voting process is what being a free American is all about. Our right to vote privately and without concern as to what others want us to chose. No matter who is elected, we need to put aside our differences and stand behind our new president. We need to stand together as one people. United!

Our country is so wonderful. She needs to heal and we as concerned citizens need to bridge the gaps made by this election, to come together, so we may indeed remain free, strong, prospered and respected. God Bless America!


3 thoughts on “Cast Your Precious Vote November 4, 2008!

  1. i definitely believe we need to draw together and put our differences aside.. no matter the outcome of this or any election… i just wish we could actually do it,, instead of just believing it should happen……

  2. Do votes in fake America count? Just kidding. I will definitely be voting. I let my students know about the registration deadline in Virginia twice too. I can’t politick with them, but I can impress on them the significance of voting.

  3. Yes, Little Red Dog, good impressions are a wise choice to present to your students.

    Not for one minute would I have ever considered your not voting. You, with your finger on the historic pulse. I have never seen such a public involvement in a presidential race. Although my Mother reminded me during the last race four years ago, that my Father paced the floor the whole night we were waiting to hear the outcome of Kennedy vs. Nixon. Ah … the sixties.

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