I Predict Obama Will Win Tonight’s Debate

Tonight marks the final debate between nominees Obama and McCain.  My prediction is that hands-down, Obama will stick to the issues and might have to put McCain in his place, when McCain decides to throw a punch.  Do not be alarmed because these punches are all that McCain has left.  He dodges the important issues and has no real plan for our country.


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2 responses to “I Predict Obama Will Win Tonight’s Debate

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    We think Obama won last night. I was very impressed that, when asked if the VP candidates are qualified, Obama took the high road and never said anything negative about Palin even though there is plenty he could have said. Unlike McCain who said Biden had some “cockamamie” ideas.

  • Theresa111

    Sorry for the typos!

    Daisy! I did not know you were watching the debates. What a smart kitty you are.

    Yes, I agree entirely that he could had had many things to say, but he said the American people will have to decide if Sarah Palin is qualified to become President. We can easily see how non-presidential she is, while Senator Obama is always conducting himself in a presidential manner.

    We US citizens need to feel we will be represented in the next four years by a man who will put the people first, and one who will not seem threatening to other nations. I am very tired of other countries looking at our wonderful country with fear and disrespect. Senator Obama will make a fine president and our country can feel proud again, without arrogance.

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