Miracles Happen!

On October 3rd, I wrote a post about my patron saint.  I talked about her Heavenly Roses and how she said she would spend her time in Heaven doing good upon the Earth.  The Little Flower, Saint Therese` is listening to those who wish to talk to her.

On her website, one of the ones dedicated to her memory, is a photograph of her holding an armful of white roses.  The point of this is that only days after I wrote that post, I asked her to intercede on my behalf.  Last week, I found a lone white flower on my twenty year old rose bush, which until that day, only produced bright pink roses.

This photograph is remarkable.  My pink tudor rose bush has never, ever produce anything except bright pink roses.  Can you explain?  She only lived to the ripe old age of twenty-three.  She is very well loved by many.


3 thoughts on “Miracles Happen!

  1. oh theresa,, this was so perfect.. something i really needed to share with yu.. thanks for bringing me over here to see this…

    i had the opportunity tonight to say hello to him,, and tell him that i loved him.. against my moms wishes,, i called the hospital room,, she was there,, and she allowed me to speak to him… he is not out of the woods,, but my heart is somewhat lighter….

    you are a true friend…..

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