Traveling From Here To There



Traveling Man, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Recently our nephew visited from Paris, via New York City, via my sister’s house, (his Mother) and he placed his leather traveling bag on my sofa.  I photographed it because it almost demanded it of me.

While Joe was laying down a bass track for one of my nephew’s songs on his new CD, I couldn’t help but daydream about traveling all over as he does. He is so adventuresome and being this way has made him lots of friends.  They just love him. But I digress.

I thought his bag was so lucky to be able to go across the ocean to see Paris, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, England and many others. He has been performing more lately and where the band goes he goes. Joe and I used to be on the road a lot and are quite familiar with the drill. 

While I have only travelled to Canada twice, London England twice and Bermuda three times. The most recent big trip was to London in October 2003. Wow, exactly five years ago.  I absolutely adore England. One day I will move there to live and visit Provence in France and Tuscany in Italy.

My sister and I did go to Florida last summer.  On that Wednesday, we drove over to the Epcot Center in Orlando. Boy was that a weird day! There were love bugs all over the rental car and when we got out of the car to get windshield washer fluid, they would land on you and fly into your face. Ugh.  I did try to chat her into riding The Rocking Roller Coaster and The Tower of Terror, but she explained we were not going to that part of Disney World.  Those rides were thrilling, that I can still grin at the fun Joe and I had in 2000.I still have my Mickey Mouse hat “2000,”  the turn of the century.  Remember Y2K ?  What a hoax.

Back at Indian Harbor Beach, the Atlantic ocean was like seeing a long lost friend. Although we only reside a few hours from Ocean City, MD we just do not go, although I always want to.  When I got to see the ocean and breathe in the salty fresh air and dip my toes into the froth of the tide it made me come alive.

For the past few months I have been thinking about packing my bags … I cannot travel without a whole entourage of my belongings … I am considering a trek out to the far west of the country. It is a bit daunting to see how far away from home it is, as I always become homesick. This is going to be one big adventure and there are many, many things for me to consider.

While I am doing this it would be kind of all my readers to send me good thoughts.  That I am making a very sound choice. I figured I should ask because everyone needs a peanut gallery to support them, but I do not mean the joking-jeering kind. Hecklers stay away.  I don’t know if my stomach hurts because I’m scared or if it is from anticipating this entire deal or if deep down inside I am thrilled.  That’s a lot to think about … traveling from here to there.


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