My Patron Saint

Saint Therese` of The Child Jesus 1873-1897Images of Saint Therese`

Saint Therese` of The Child Jesus 1873-1897

Today is the feast day of this great Saint.  From the age of three, she devoted her life to Jesus.  Click here and link to read all about her.  See if she might send you three of her Heavenly Roses.  She is known to have said, ” I shall spend my Heaven doing good upon the Earth.  She intercedes for us and many miracles have been attributed to her.

On Sunday there will be the celebration of her 111th feast day.  My user name is Theresa111 because my Mother named me in her honor and my favorite number is 111.  When I noticed this was the 111th celebration, I knew it was a sign to me.

When I look at the universe and all of the order it is clear to me that there is so much more after this lifetime.  Thanks for continuing to reach out to those who pray to your for your intercession, Saint Therese`.


One thought on “My Patron Saint

  1. you are so right theresa,, i have always loved “the little flower”.. she is one of my favorite saints as well… i took a few days off reading and writing,, so i am thrilled that you brought me here today!!!!!


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